Terms & Conditions


1. Age requirement: For Group A customers must be 23 or over, and for Group B and C 25 years old or over.
2. Driver’s licence: A valid driving licence help for at least one year is required.
3. Minimum rental: One day (24 hours).
4. Traffic fines: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic how during rental period are borne solely by the renter.
5. Deposits: Deposits for estimated charges are required at the beginning. No deposit is required from Credit Card holders.
6. Insurance: All authorized drivers of München vehicles are covered to third parties (excluding passengers in München vehicles) for death, injury or damage to property.
7. Taxes: All taxes are subject to VAT.
8. Gasoline: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter. (only unleaded must by used).
9. Availability: Car models are according to original planning. Delivery problems however, may to compel us to supp; another vehicle in exceptional cases.
10. Delivery: There is no changes for delivering a car to the airport or post of Mykonos.
11. Ferrying the car: An advance written authorization from München is required.